Logical link identifier (LLID), 56
Low-loss optical components, 30
Management information bases (MIB), 42
Maximum transmission window (MTW),
Maxwellian probability distribution, 294
Media-independent interface (MII), 55
Medium access control (MAC), 5, 31
Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), 10
MFD mismatch. See Mode field diameter
Mode field diameter mismatch, 116–117
Multilayered dielectric filter, 97–98
Multi-longitudinal-mode (MLM) lasers, 44
Multimode fibers (MMF), 22
Multiple service operators (MSO), 5
Multi-Point Control Protocol Data Unit
(MPCPDU), 62–63
Multipoint control protocol data units
(MPCPDU), 60
Multipoint control protocol (MPCP), 55,
Multipoint-to-multipoint (MP2MP)
coaxial bus line, 9
Near-end cross talk (NEXT), 26
Network management system (NMS), 244
Network performance, monitoring of,
Noise funneling effect, 5
Nonlinear birefringence, 288
North American National Television
System Committee (NTSC)
standard, 3
ODN. See Optical distribution
OIL-VCSELs. See Optically
injection-locking vertical-cavity
surface-emitting laser
OLT. See Optical line terminal
OLT burst mode receiver, 44
OLT receiver, 163
One-fiber single-wavelength full duplex,
ONT management and control channel
(OMCC), 42
ONT management and control interface
(OMCI), 42
ONU-embedded OTDR
back-scattering, 195
data bursts, 193
ONU transceiver
components of, 172
embedded OTDR functionality
negative step response (NSR)
approach, 193–195
optic coupler and laser diode, 195–196
fiber monitoring functionality of,
PLM mode, 200–201
triplexer transceiver module for, 172–173
ONU transmitter, 163
Open system interconnect (OSI), 54
Operation, administration, and
management (OAM) sublayer, 10
Optical add-drop multiplexer (OADM),
Optical curl cord
bending loss and bending radius,
FTTH installation, 114
laptop terminal and optical outlet,
connection between, 115
MFD mismatch, 116–117
Optical distribution network, 159
Optical distribution network (ODN), 38
Optical fiber link, 276
Optical fibers
index of refraction of, 270
multimode fibers (MMF), 22
standard single-mode fiber (SMF), 22
Optical line terminal, 152
Optical line terminal (OLT), 6–7, 20, 215,
243, 268, 275
Optical loss test set (OLTS), 275
320 Index

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