Waveguide forming process
polarization-dependent wavelength shift
minimization, 103
polymer overcladding, 103
Wavelength coded tag (WCT), 285
Wavelength division duplex method, 27–28
Wavelength division multiple access
(WDMA), 215
Wavelength division multiplexed passive
optical network, 120
AWG as multiplexer, 93–94
downstream/upstream bandwidths, 88
OIL-VCSELs, implementation of, 126
optical injection-locking of FP-LDs
centralized broadband optical source,
wavelength-seeded RSOAs
deployment, 134–135
self-injection-locked Fabry-Perot laser
diode modulation, 136–137
Wavelength division multiplexed passive
optical network (WDM-PON)
advantages and challenges of, 72
ring topology, 260–261
tree topology, 253–260
Wavelength division multiplexing signal,
93, 97
Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM),
11, 19–20
Wavelength grating router (WGR), 73
Wavelength reuse schemes
downstream signal encoding, 139–140
and multichannel fiber Bragg grating,
Wavelength-specific ONUs
DFB and DBR lasers
feedback mechanism, 124
FP etalons and Bragg filters, 124
high-speed direct modulation, 123
BER measurements of, 127–128
and colorless operation, 128–129
modulation bandwidth, 126
optical injection locking, 125–126
WDM. See Wavelength division
WDM coupler, 15
transmission wavelength spectrum of,
upstream and downstream signal
separation, 165–166
WDM Ethernet-PON (WE-PON), 79
WDM-on-WDM architecture, 75
WDM signal propagation, 93–94
WDM transmissions, 25
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