Chapter 7

Creating an Inventory of All Your Accounts


In This Chapter

  • Identifying your most commonly used sites
  • Recording your passwords for these sites
  • Ensuring that you don't repeat passwords across important sites


In a perfect world, you wouldn't need to write down your passwords to remember them. You might not even need passwords in a perfect world. And the ice cream would be free, too. We don't live in that world, though, so this chapter gives you a place to record passwords to reference when your memory fails you.


Leaving your computer, electronic devices, and this book, out and available to the public is never safe. Keep these items safe and secure!

To help you get started filling in the journal pages that follow, here's a list of typical password-protected accounts that most of us have to set up as we do our electronic banking, shopping, playing, and other activities. Use the list as a reminder for the various passwords you might have created and then jot them down in the appropriate place in this journal.


Just like a good old-fashioned address book, you'll find alphabetized ...

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