Pattern Recognition, 4th Edition

Book description

This book considers classical and current theory and practice, of supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised pattern recognition, to build a complete background for professionals and students of engineering. The authors, leading experts in the field of pattern recognition, have provided an up-to-date, self-contained volume encapsulating this wide spectrum of information. The very latest methods are incorporated in this edition: semi-supervised learning, combining clustering algorithms, and relevance feedback.

  • Thoroughly developed to include many more worked examples to give greater understanding of the various methods and techniques
  • Many more diagrams included--now in two color--to provide greater insight through visual presentation
  • Matlab code of the most common methods are given at the end of each chapter
  • An accompanying book with Matlab code of the most common methods and algorithms in the book, together with a descriptive summary and solved examples, and including real-life data sets in imaging and audio recognition. The companion book is available separately or at a special packaged price (Book ISBN: 9780123744869. Package ISBN: 9780123744913)
  • Latest hot topics included to further the reference value of the text including non-linear dimensionality reduction techniques, relevance feedback, semi-supervised learning, spectral clustering, combining clustering algorithms
  • Solutions manual, powerpoint slides, and additional resources are available to faculty using the text for their course. Register at and search on "Theodoridis" to access resources for instructor.

Product information

  • Title: Pattern Recognition, 4th Edition
  • Author(s): Sergios Theodoridis, Konstantinos Koutroumbas
  • Release date: October 2008
  • Publisher(s): Academic Press
  • ISBN: 9781597492720