Chapter 6. Technology options 127
6.3.10 Additional enterprise Java APIs
The J2EE specification defines a set of related APIs that work together. Here are
the remainder not discussed so far:
򐂰 JNDI: Java Naming and Directory Interface™
This package provides a common API to a directory service independent of
any directory access protocol. This allows for easy migration to new directory
services. Through this interface, component providers can store and retrieve
Java object instances by name. Service provider implementations include
those for JDBC data sources, LDAP directories, RMI, and CORBA object
registries. Sample uses of JNDI include:
Accessing a user profile from an LDAP directory
Locating and accessing an EJB home
Locating a driver-specific data source
򐂰 RMI-IIOP: Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and RMI over IIOP
These methods are part of the EJB specification as the access method for
clients to access EJB services. From the component provider point of view,
these calls are local. The EJB container takes care of calling the remote
methods and receiving the response. To use this API, component providers
create an IDL description of the EJB interface and then compile it to generate
the client-side and server-side stubs. The stubs connect the object
implementations with the Object Request Broker (ORB). ORBs communicate
with each other through the Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP). RMI can also
be used to implement limited-function Java servers.
򐂰 JTA: Java Transaction API
This Java API for working with transaction services is based on the XA
standard. With the availability of EJB servers, you are less likely to use this
API directly.
򐂰 JAF: JavaBeans Activation Framework
This API is not intended for typical application use, but it is required by the
JavaMail™ API.
򐂰 JavaMail
This is a set of classes for supporting e-mail. Functionally it provides APIs for
reading, sending, and composing Internet mail. This API models a mail
delivery system and requires the SMTP for sending mail and POP3 or IMAP
for receiving mail. Special data wrapper classes are provided to view and edit
data in the mail content. Support for MIME data is delegated to the JAF-aware
򐂰 JAXP is an API for parsing and transforming XML documents.
򐂰 JAAS is the Java Authentication and Authorization Service.

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