Chapter 3. Application Integration pattern 67
򐂰 Is the enterprise data topology centralized or decentralized?
Centralized: This integration effort will bring about centralized access to
all or a subset of the enterprise data model.
Decentralized: Applications will retain their isolated repositories, but now
will have cohesion based on data integration.
򐂰 What is the database affinity type?
Homogeneous: All repositories are of the same type.
Multi-vender Relational: All repositories are relational with ODBC/JDBC
support for interoperability but are from different vendors.
Heterogeneous Structured: Repositories are not all relational, but all
have a structured layout.
Structured/Non-Structured: This addresses the need to integrate
non-structured (for example, free-form text) with structured data sources.
Refer to the IBM Patterns for e-business Web site for further details:
3.6 Previous Application Integration patterns
Table 3-3 on page 68 provides an overview of the relationship between the
previous Process-focused Application Integration patterns and the revised
Process-focused Application Integration patterns presented in this chapter:
򐂰 Direct Connection is retained for application coordinated requests.
򐂰 Transactional is now a quality of service. Transactionality may apply to all of
these patterns, so it is applied as a quality of service rather than being a
separate pattern.
򐂰 Aggregator/Broker are combined into Broker for broker-coordinated requests.
򐂰 Managed Process is split into Serial Process and Parallel Process for
process-managed coordinated requests.
򐂰 The read-only versus read/write classification used with old patterns is not
used with the new patterns, since:
For Transactional and Managed Process, read-only is not applicable.
For Direct Connection, the same pattern applies in both cases.
For Aggregator/Broker, the observed patterns are identical.
68 Patterns: Serial and Parallel Processes
Table 3-3 Relationship to old Process-focused Application Integration patterns
Old Pattern New Pattern
Request (R/O)
Request (R/W)
Direct Connection Direct Connection Same
Not applicable Transactional Now a Quality of
Aggregator Broker Broker
Not applicable Managed Process Split into:
򐂰 Serial Process
򐂰 Parallel Process

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