Chapter 5. Website Payments Pro (Direct Payment)

PayPal’s Website Payments Pro product combines the convenience of Express Checkout, an overtly PayPal-oriented checkout, with an additional option called Direct Payment, which allows you to completely embed the user experience for the entire payment process into your site with no mention of PayPal whatsoever required. Even on your customer’s credit and debit card statements, there is no mention of PayPal; your company name appears instead. If for whatever reason you’d like to control the entire checkout and provide the most seamless experience possible without any mention of a third party, the Direct Payment portion of Website Payments Pro may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Since Express Checkout, the other component of Website Payments Pro, has been covered earlier in the book, getting you up and running with Direct Payment is the primary subject of this chapter.


PayPal official documentation on Website Payments Pro is available online: Website Payments Pro Developer Guide.

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