Chapter 9

Sending an Invoice

In This Chapter

  • Personalizing the notification e-mail you send to buyers
  • Organizing sales with the Post-Sale Manager
  • Sending an invoice
  • Designing an invoice template

Before your auction ends, you should take the time to customize the buyer notification e-mail, or invoices, that you'll send to winning bidders. Personalizing your communications helps to set a more professional image and may mean repeat business in the future, because the buyer remembers who you are, or your business.

PayPal offers a variety of tools that let you customize these e-mails. In this chapter, I show you the tools and explain when to use one tool, as opposed to another.

Customizing Your Buyer Notification Message

The PayPal Winning Buyer Notification service automatically sends an e-mail to the winner of your eBay auction, an hour after the auction ends. This service is very convenient, especially if you're running a number of auctions simultaneously. Sending instant notification saves you the tedium of writing the same set of instructions to each winning bidder and saves you from remembering to send an e-mail the day the auction closes.

The e-mail that the buyer receives contains a Pay Now With PayPal button. Clicking this button opens eBay in a browser window. The buyer can review the details of the listed item, select PayPal as a payment option, and click the Continue button. The buyer is then redirected to PayPal's Web site, where he or she logs on to complete the payment ...

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