booths/separate studios, 28

directional microphones, 29

microphone distance, 29

and multi-mics, 28

multitrack recording, 289

orchestral music, 29

wanted and unwanted sounds, 278

see also Sound

‘Actuality’ recording, 25, 26

AES/EBU connectors, 40

Alias frequencies/anti-aliasing filters, 9

Analogue audio, 7

archiving, 204

Analogue recorders, 435

Analytical functions:

frequency analysis, 1845

phase analysis, 18591

spectral view, 1834

see also Statistics


CD (compact disc), 2034

analogue tape, 204

computer backup, 2056

DAT (Digital Audio Tape), 204

selection of material, 203

Audio see Acoustics; Analogue audio; Digital audio; Sound

Audio CDs:

buffer under run, 194

‘Burnproof’ technology, 195

copying and recording ...

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