Configuring Video Under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

Windows 98/Me/ 2000/XP video is configured from the Display Properties Settings dialog and the Display Properties Settings Advanced dialog. The Advanced Settings dialog can be used to configure specific settings for the adapter and monitor, to enable or disable video acceleration settings, and to choose Color Management options. The exact pages in this dialog vary according to the video adapter and driver installed. To view Display Properties, run the Display applet from Control Panel or right-click on a vacant area of the desktop and choose Properties. The following sections describe how to use Display Properties to configure Window 98/Me video settings. Windows 2000/XP is similar, with minor differences in the appearance, names, and functions of the dialogs.

Installing or Changing Video Drivers

Windows 98/Me does reasonably well at detecting common video adapters and installing the proper drivers for them. However, you may need to install a video driver manually in one of the following circumstances:

  • Windows 98/Me does not have a driver for your adapter. This situation is more common than you might expect. For example, Windows 98/Me does not provide a driver for the ubiquitous Intel i740 video adapter. This situation may also arise if you install a new video adapter in an existing Windows 98/Me system.

  • Windows 98/Me has a driver for your adapter and recognizes the hardware, but you have a more recent driver supplied by the ...

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