What’s New in PCI-DSS v 3.0?

At the time of writing this book, the PCI-SSC (Security Standards Council) released the PCI-DSS v 3.0 and the latest standard is currently in effect across the world of PCI Compliance. Given the update, I have developed a separate section dedicated to exploring some of the changes between PCI v 2.0 which you have read throughout this book and PCI v 3.0 that is the latest release. Please note that most of the changes are not major digressions from the original standard. They are what I would call in the family of “enhancements” or “clarifications”.

A1 – Current Network Diagram with Cardholder Data Flows

PCI v 3.0 has brought about a slight change in Requirement 1.1.3 of the previous PCI-DSS v 2.0 standard. ...

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