Ordered-Sets Used During Link Training and Initialization

Physical Layer Packets (PLPs), referred to as Ordered-Sets, are exchanged between neighboring devices during the Link training and initialization process. These packets were briefly described in the section on “Ordered-Sets” on page 433. The five Ordered-Sets are:

  • Training Sequence 1 and 2 (TS1 and TS2),

  • Electrical Idle,

  • Fast Training Sequence (FTS), and

  • Skip (SKIP) Ordered-Sets.

Their character structure is summarized in Figure 14-4 on page 504.

Figure 14-4. Five Ordered-Sets Used in the Link Training and Initialization Process

TS1 and TS2 Ordered-Sets

The TS1 and TS2 Ordered-Sets are each ...

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