Chapter 4. Cruising the Web with Internet Explorer

In This Chapter

  • Starting Internet Explorer

  • Introducing the browser window and controls

  • Searching for Web sites

  • Adding and using Favorites

  • Using tabs like a pro

  • Working with RSS feeds

  • Downloading files

  • Using the History file

  • Printing and saving Web pages

And the answer to the unspoken question is, "Yes, you still need this chapter, even if you've been using Internet Explorer for the past several years."

You see, Internet Explorer (or almost any Web browser) is one of the simplest applications on the planet to use, requiring only three or four buttons on the toolbar to operate most of the necessary functions. Many PC owners I've met don't even know that Internet Explorer (IE) offers a ton of additional features to help you organize sites, print pages just-so, and search for the Web content you need. Oh, and don't forget that although you may be using an earlier version of Internet Explorer (like IE6 or IE7), you can upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 for free. Well done, Microsoft!

In this chapter, I show you the power-user side of Internet Explorer 8 — it's time to supercharge your surfing!

Running Internet Explorer

Here are a number of methods you can use to start Internet Explorer 8. (After all, the Web has its tentacles in practically everything, right?)

  • In Windows Vista or Windows 7, double-click the IE icon on your desktop.

  • Choose Start

    Running Internet Explorer
  • Click the ...

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