Chapter 1. Introducing Office 2010

In This Chapter

  • Working with Word

  • Using Excel

  • Creating with PowerPoint

  • Keeping track of data with Access

  • Managing information with Outlook

  • Working with the Office Clipboard

  • Using the Office Help system

Introducing Microsoft Office 2010 is a little like introducing Beethoven's Fifth Symphony: We're all familiar with Office, we all think that it's a true work of art, and we all wish that we had the royalties (or, in Bill's case, the mound of cash generated by licensing).

That familiarity might be your ticket to skipping this chapter. For instance, most PC power users need no overview of Office; they know what it can do, what the different applications are used for, and how to access the Office Help system. Heck, chances are good that you're already using at least Word or Excel every day or that you already rely on Outlook to handle your e-mail and personal contacts.

But, just like the intricacies of Beethoven's masterpiece, there's a ton of substance to absorb within Office 2010 (along with a toolbar interface that's been completely overhauled in recent versions). Perhaps you've used only Word and you want to know what the rest of the stuff you paid for can do. Or, maybe you're brand-new to the PC scene and you just bought Office 2010. For folks who need a formal introduction to the rest of this minibook, I present to you this chapter — it provides a little information on each Office application so that you can pursue the more in-depth information in the later ...

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