Chapter 2. Ethernet to the Rescue

In This Chapter

  • Understanding how Ethernet works

  • Gathering the various pieces o' hardware

  • Considering cables

  • Configuring Windows 7 for your network

  • Putting shared folders to work

  • Configuring a network printer

  • Connecting a switch to the Internet

  • Troubleshooting your network

This is it, my friend: the chapter with the bravado and the chutzpah to show you how to set up a home- or small-office wired network in Windows 7! Setting up a network gives you many benefits, including saving money by sharing resources (such as printers and an Internet connection) and the added convenience of file sharing.

You'll find that a working network (note that I stress the word working) quickly becomes as essential as Tabasco sauce or [insert name of your favorite condiment here]. By the way, if you find the word working to be more elusive than you first expected, I include a section at the end of this chapter that highlights common problems experienced by folks running their own network — as well as several possible solutions for each one, of course.

After your network is purring as smoothly as the proverbial kitten, you'll walk proudly to the closest person on the planet and proclaim proudly, "I am ... a network administrator!" (Feel free to throw confetti or have a T-shirt made. If you like, send me an e-mail message at — use the subject line "Ohmygoodnessitworks" — and we can celebrate together.)

A Quickie Ethernet Primer

No, don't close this book! Of all the ...

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