Chapter 12. P Is for Printer

In This Chapter

  • Understanding computer printers

  • Finding things on the printer

  • Controlling the printer

  • Feeding the printer ink

  • Choosing the right paper

  • Installing a new printer

  • Setting margins

  • Printing in reverse order

  • Stopping a document from printing

Computers and their printers have a shared lineage. The first computer terminals were often teletype machines, a type of noisy keyboard-printer-phone thing. That history explains why computers on TV and in film make noise when they display characters on the screen, though it could be just another manifestation of Hollywood's lack of touch with reality.

Eventually the teletype morphed into three unique computer peripherals: the keyboard, the monitor, and the printer. All three gizmos are still considered part of the basic computer system. Although you might not purchase a printer when you buy your PC, it's still something worth looking into, and definitely something worth having. This chapter covers things associated with PC printers and printing.

The Printer, the Paper, the Document Maker

You need a printer attached to your computer system because dragging the PC around and showing everyone what's on the screen is just too much of a chore. No, it's much better to print your stuff on paper, to create a hard copy of your data, documents, and doodles. The printer makes all that possible.

Types of computer printers

Computer printers are categorized by how the ink gets thrown onto the paper as well as by any special printer ...

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