PCs for Grown-Ups: Getting the Most Out of Your Windows 8 Computer

Book description

If you have plenty of life experience, but not as much computer experience, this is your perfect Windows 8 PC guidebook! Paul McFedries explains all the basics in a friendly, relaxed tone that makes you feel at home, without ever patronizing you. Larger print and clear zoomed-in images help you quickly find what you’re looking for, and get to the point immediately.

Planning to buy a new computer? McFedries’ easy, up-to-date Buyer’s Guide will help you choose the right equipment at the right price. Already have your new computer? You’ll find dozens of simple tips, tricks, and shortcuts for every aspect of living with it. Step by step, McFedries shows you how to easily organize and manage all your digital photos, music, and movies. You’ll learn great new ways to work, learn, and play online… how to safely use Facebook and other social networks… and how to keep your computer secure and private. McFedries even teaches simple PC troubleshooting skills that could someday save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs! Why should kids have all the fun?

Paul McFedries, president of Logophilia Limited, is a technical writer, passionate computer tinkerer, and Windows expert. He has authored or co-authored more than 70 computer books, selling more than 4 million copies worldwide. His most recent books include Using iPhone, Using the Microsoft Office Web Apps, My Office 2013 RT, and Windows 8 In Depth. He also runs wordspy.com, a website that tracks new words and phrases entering the English language.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. About the Author
  5. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. We Want to Hear from You!
  8. Reader Services
  9. Introduction
    1. How This Book Is Organized
    2. This Book’s Special Features
  10. Part I. PC Basics
    1. Chapter 1. Getting to Know the PC
      1. It’s What’s Inside That Counts
      2. Judging a PC by Its Cover
      3. A Sideways Look at Peripherals
    2. Chapter 2. Buying a PC
      1. Choosing a Computer Type
      2. Selecting a CPU
      3. How Much Memory Do You Need?
      4. Selecting Data Storage Options
      5. Choosing a Monitor
      6. Purchasing Additional Software
      7. Some Final Purchase Considerations
    3. Chapter 3. Setting Up Your PC
      1. Setting Up Your Work Area
      2. Connecting the Components
      3. Connecting Even More Devices
      4. Connecting the Power Cords
    4. Chapter 4. Taking Your PC for a Spin
      1. Starting Your PC
      2. Setting Up Windows 8
      3. Getting to Know the Mouse
      4. Getting Comfy with the Keyboard
      5. Using Gestures on a Tablet
      6. Taking a Tour of the Windows 8 Interface
      7. Navigating the Start Screen
      8. Putting Your PC to Sleep
      9. Restarting Your PC
      10. Shutting Down Your PC
  11. Part II. Windows
    1. Chapter 5. Learning Windows Basics
      1. Working with Apps
      2. Tracking Your Appointments
      3. Managing Your Contacts
      4. Getting Directions to a Location
      5. Tracking a News Topic
      6. Monitoring a Stock
      7. Following Your Favorite Team
      8. Planning a Trip
    2. Chapter 6. More Windows Techniques You Should Know
      1. Personalizing Windows 8
      2. Searching Windows 8
      3. Working with Files and Folders
      4. Overcoming Visual Challenges
      5. Adjusting the Volume
      6. Overcoming Physical Limitations
    3. Chapter 7. Dealing with Digital Photos
      1. Getting Photos onto Your PC
      2. Viewing Photos
      3. Fixing Your Photos
    4. Chapter 8. Working with Digital Music
      1. Easy Listening with the Music App
      2. Making Beautiful Music with Media Player
    5. Chapter 9. Working with Digital Video
      1. Importing Video to Your PC
      2. Navigating the Video App
      3. Renting or Buying Videos
      4. Searching for Movies and TV Shows
      5. Playing a Video
      6. Playing Video on Your TV
  12. Part III. Working, Learning, and Playing Online
    1. Chapter 10. Getting Online
      1. Getting Online Using a Broadband Modem Connected Directly to Your PC
      2. Getting Online Using a Wireless Broadband Connection
      3. Creating a Microsoft Account
    2. Chapter 11. Surfing the Web
      1. Understanding the Web
      2. Surfing the Web with Internet Explorer
      3. Searching the Web
      4. Saving Your Favorite Pages
    3. Chapter 12. Exchanging Email
      1. Setting Up a Mail Account
      2. Handling Incoming Messages
      3. Sending a Message
      4. Minding Your Email Manners
    4. Chapter 13. Maximizing Internet Security and Privacy
      1. Avoiding Viruses
      2. Keeping Spyware at Bay
      3. Listening to User Account Control
      4. Creating Secure Online Passwords
      5. Avoiding Online Scams
  13. Part IV. Maintaining and Repairing Your PC
    1. Chapter 14. Securing Your PC
      1. Thwarting Snoops and Crackers
      2. Checking Your Computer’s Security Settings
    2. Chapter 15. Maintaining Your PC
      1. Checking Free Disk Space
      2. Deleting Unnecessary Files
      3. Defragmenting Your Hard Disk
      4. Preparing for Trouble
      5. Setting Up a Maintenance Schedule
    3. Chapter 16. Troubleshooting Your PC
      1. Determining the Source of a Problem
      2. General Troubleshooting Tips
      3. Troubleshooting Device Problems
      4. Recovering from a Problem
    4. Chapter 17. Repairing Your PC
      1. What Tools Do You Need?
      2. What Software Do You Need?
      3. Setting Up Your Work Area
      4. Playing It Safe
      5. Opening the Computer Case
      6. Making Cable Connections
      7. Installing an Expansion Card
    5. Chapter 18. Upgrading Your PC
      1. Looking Inside the Computer
      2. Accessing the System Configuration Program
      3. Running the Device Manager and System Information Utilities
      4. Searching for the System Manual Online
      5. Making the Old PC Run Faster
    6. Chapter 19. Buying PC Components
      1. Researching Parts Online
      2. Researching Retailers Online
      3. Buying Parts Online
      4. Returning Parts Online
      5. Buying Parts Offline
      6. Buying Non–Shrink-Wrapped Parts
    7. Chapter 20. Replacing the Hard Drive
      1. How a Hard Drive Works
      2. Understanding Hard Drive Specs
      3. Buying a Hard Drive
      4. Removing the Old Hard Drive
      5. Installing a New Hard Drive
      6. Finishing Up
    8. Chapter 21. Replacing the CD or DVD Drive
      1. Buying a CD or DVD Drive
      2. Removing the Existing Optical Drive
      3. Installing the New Optical Drive
    9. Chapter 22. Adding More Memory
      1. Understanding Memory Specs
      2. Buying Memory
      3. Pulling Out the Old Memory Modules
      4. Installing the New Memory Modules
  14. Index

Product information

  • Title: PCs for Grown-Ups: Getting the Most Out of Your Windows 8 Computer
  • Author(s): Paul McFedries
  • Release date: March 2013
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780133035025