Chapter 9. Working with Field Properties

Setting field properties is an important part of creating forms that are fillable and work properly. So far, though, we've only had a glimpse of the numerous field properties available to you for preparing fields to accept data from form recipients.

As you'll discover in this chapter, you have numerous choices available for setting appearances, options, formatting, and actions properties. As you turn through the pages in this chapter, you'll find descriptions you'll want to use as references and make some frequent returns to review items we discuss relative to properties. You'll find what you need to know to set up fields properly for optimizing your results.

Read through this chapter, and keep it bookmarked for future reference when you need a short description for assigning different form fields properties.

Getting to Know the Properties Window

The process of manually adding form fields to a form is the same for all fields. Click a Form tool in the Form Editing mode, click or click+drag open a rectangle on a form, and release the mouse button, and a mini Properties window opens. Some choices vary a little, depending on the field type created in the mini Properties window, but all fields drawn on a form have limited choices that you can make for field properties in the mini Properties window. For a much larger ...

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