Chapter 13. Working with PDF Portfolios and Layers

Until now, we've talked about flat forms that include all the directions, help information, and content needed to help form fillers complete forms.

PDF forms provide more opportunities to combine additional content for descriptions, help information, or any similar information that may be needed to help form fillers more clearly understand how to complete a form.

As a PDF author, you are interested in receiving data back from form fillers. However, the form fillers may need much more than a form to guide them through completing a form. Complex forms that you find in the health care industry, real estate industry, and income tax reporting agencies are examples of where you may need to add extensive help and descriptions for form fillers to complete forms.

When a form filler receives a package containing both a form and all the related documents to help individuals complete forms, your only interest is in receiving back the populated form. All the other associated documents are of no interest to you. Through the use of PDF Portfolios, you can compile all the documents you need to help the form filler complete forms, and when data are submitted back to you, only the forms are returned.

Likewise, you may have some type of description that appears apart from a form. You can create multiple page forms, but another option you have with Acrobat is to create layered forms where ...

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