Chapter 29. Introducing LiveCycle Designer Scripting

In Chapter 15 we covered field calculations for Acrobat Forms using Simplified Field Notation. In Section V we discussed JavaScript for Acrobat Forms. Acrobat and Designer both offer two scripting languages. Designer uses FormCalc and JavaScript. FormCalc is similar to Simplified Field Notation but is more powerful. FormCalc has some built-in functions such as a spreadsheet program to help you write formulas. You don't need to pick a single scripting language in Designer. A form can have script using either of the languages.

Scripting is not required to create a form. Scripting enhances forms and allows you to control their behavior at runtime. A form with script allows a more customized user experience than a form without script. Scripting also can be used for controlling data entry, ensuring the form captures the intended data from the form filler.

You may not wish to become a programmer, but understand that scripting is possible in Designer forms. Knowing what the program is capable of doing is half the battle in learning a new program. It may be some time down the road before you decide you are ready to try scripting. It may be the result of a division of job duties where you work. The form designer builds the forms and then sends the form to the programming department to have scripts added. ...

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