Chapter 30. Deploying Forms

Form deployment is a critical piece of any form workflow. Before forms are deployed for use, they must be properly designed, tested, and saved. We have already covered how to create the forms and set the necessary properties to have your form ready for deployment.

Knowing how to do something and remembering to do all those things are two completely different matters. Many things should be considered before deployment.

The form design and added functionality must convey the intended message. Tab sequence, formulas, and scripting all need to be tested for a user-friendly experience. Sometimes, we all need a gentle reminder that a built-in spell-checking program is not a replacement for human proofreading.

After we complete the checklist for testing and proofing our forms, we are ready to distribute them to the people who need to use them. Whether the form will be used by a few or by many people, we need to deploy it properly.

Preparing for Deployment

The number of people involved in deploying a form varies by organization. The form designer may be the one responsible for the entire process in a smaller company. In larger companies, many people are involved. How a form is prepared for deployment can vary as greatly as who is responsible for doing so.

Poorly developed forms can be caused by a lack of communication between departments, ...

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