Chapter 34. Introducing LiveCycle Enterprise Suite

Businesses have procedures in place that use a variety of software programs to help them achieve their business goals. Every organization has its own customized implementation of the hardware and software needed to reach those goals. The inherent problem with most systems is that the products from different vendors don't integrate well with one another. Usually this translates into additional data entry work for employees or some migration work for information services.

What if we could collect the necessary information from an employee or customer one time and have it populate each of those appropriate products as needed? What if we could rout that information to the next person in the chain of command for approval, if necessary, without the need for us to fill out additional forms or computer screens? This is exactly the type of thing that LiveCycle ES can do.

Perhaps you have only heard of LiveCycle ES, and wondered what people were talking about. You may even work with a component of LiveCycle ES but wondered what else it could do. If you are asking yourself, "What is LiveCycle ES?" that is the question we hope to answer in this chapter.

This chapter is not intended to teach you how to work with the components in LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES). Several books this size would be needed to cover all of the solution ...

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