Backup techniques

All of our examples and demos so far, were on rooted devices. Some of our readers might argue that not many devices are rooted and there isn't much we can do for non-rooted devices

In this section, we will see how we can examine the internal memory of apps on non-rooted devices using the backup feature. Taking backup of a specific app or the device allows us to examine it for security issues.

We will use WhatsApp lock as our target app for this demo; this is the same application we used during the shared preferences section:

C:\ >adb pull /data/data/com.whatsapplock/shared_prefs/ com.whatsapplock_preferences.xml
failed to copy '/data/data/com.whatsapplock/shared_prefs/ com.whatsapplock_preferences.xml' to 'com.whatsapplock_preferences.xml': ...

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