Time for action—running the examination transformation from a terminal window

Before executing the transformation from a terminal window, make sure that you have a new examination file to process, let's say exam3.txt. Then follow these instructions:

  1. Open a terminal window and go to the directory where Kettle is installed.
    • On Windows systems type:
      C:\pdi-ce>pan.bat /file:c:\pdi_labs\examinations.ktr c:\ pdi_files\input\exam3.txt
    • On Unix, Linux, and other Unix-based systems type:
      /home/yourself/pdi-ce/pan.sh /file:/home/yourself/pdi_labs/ examinations.ktr c:/pdi_files/input/exam3.txt
    • If your transformation is in another folder, modify the command accordingly.
  2. You will see how the transformation runs, showing you the log in the terminal.
  3. Check the output ...

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