Time for action—enhancing the matches file by normalizing the dataset

Now you will convert the matches file you generated in Chapter 2 to a format suitable for answering the proposed questions.

  1. Search on your disk for the file you created in Chapter 2, or download it from the Packt website.
  2. Create a new transformation and read the file by using a Text file input step.
  3. With a Split Fields step, split the Result field in two: home_t_goals and away_t_goals. (Do you remember having done this in chapter 3?)
  4. From the Transform category of steps, drag a Row Normalizer step to the canvas.
  5. Create a hop from the last step to this new one.
  6. Double-click the Row Normalizer step to edit it and fill the window as follows:
  7. With the Row Normalizer selected, do a preview. ...

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