Time for action—keeping a history of product changes with the Dimension lookup/update step

Let's load a puzzles dimension along with the history of the changes in puzzle attributes:

  1. Create a new transformation.
  2. Drag a Table input step to the work area and double-click it.
  3. Select js as Connection.
  4. Type the following query in the SQL area:
    SELECT pro_code
    , man_code
    , pro_name
    , pro_theme
    FROM products
    WHERE pro_type LIKE 'PUZZLE'
  5. Click on OK.
  6. Add an Add constants step, and create a hop from the Table input, step toward it.
  7. Use the step to add a Date field named changedate. As Format type dd/MM/yyyy, and as Value, type 01/10/2009.
  8. Expand the Data Warehouse category of steps.
  9. Select the Dimension lookup/update step and drag it to the canvas.
  10. Create a hop ...

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