Time for action—loading the sales star

You already created a job for loading the dimensions and another job for loading the fact.

In this tutorial, you will put them together in a single main job:

  1. Create a new job in the same folder in which you saved those jobs. Name this job load_dm_sales.kjb.
  2. Drag to the canvas a START and two job entries, and link them one after the other.
  3. Use the first job entry to execute the job that loads the dimensions.
  4. Use the second Job entry to execute the job you just created for loading the fact table.
  5. Save the job. This is how it looks:
    Time for action—loading the sales star
  6. Press F9 to run the job.
  7. As arguments, provide a new range of dates: 2009-09-01, 2009-09-30 ...

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