Chapter 2. Reading and Writing Files

In this chapter we will cover:

  • Reading a simple file
  • Reading several files at the same time
  • Reading semi-structured files
  • Reading files having one field per row
  • Reading files having some fields occupying two or more rows
  • Writing a simple file
  • Writing a semi-structured file
  • Providing the name of a file (for reading or writing) dynamically
  • Using the name of a file (or part of it) as a field
  • Reading an Excel file
  • Getting the value of specific cells in an Excel file
  • Writing an Excel file with several sheets
  • Writing an Excel file with a dynamic number of sheets
  • Reading data from an AWS S3 Instance


Files are the most primitive, but also the most used format to store and interchange data. PDI has the ability to read ...

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