CHAPTER 4Different Points of View: Using Self-Awareness and Empathy Effectively

THE NEXT DAY, after Dalton's conversation with Brad on emotional intelligence and how to apply it in the workplace and at home, Brad applies these key learnings on an important conversation with his son, Dax.


  • How to use empathy to build strong relationships
  • Being self-aware and the importance of self-awareness in all situations
  • The art of being truly empathic and its importance


  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Motivating Others
  • Self-Reflection
  • Self-Awareness

Brad, Candace, Dalton, and the kids had a great dinner at Brad's place, under the beautiful view of the sun bowing down behind the mountains. All the adults stayed and chatted over many rounds of drinks while the kids played video games and then watched a movie and fell asleep in the loft. Brad went to bed riddled with guilt, coming to the realization that he might be the cause of Dax's stress.

Dax was truly a blessing in his life. Due to a severe accident as a teenager, Brad was physically unable to have kids. Maria and Brad tried but time and time again, they were told it would be a fruitless effort and that was proven correct. Brad was 41 and Candace 43 when she began to experience morning sickness. She went to the gynecologist and they joked about whether she was pregnant. The miracle occurred and they were blessed with Dax.

The next morning, Brad woke Dax up early and took him to breakfast at ...

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