Solve Problems

“When I started working with this customer four years ago, we were splitting the business with several competitors. They had plants across the country and I wanted them all, but my customer felt like they were better off not putting all of their eggs in one basket.” Mitch, a national account manager assigned to a large food account, explained “Recently, though, we were awarded an exclusive contract for all of their business.”

Mitch is a problem solver. He works relentlessly to understand his clients’ businesses and proactively bring solutions to the table. This customer is a huge national food manufacturer and his focus has been helping them reduce expenses.

“Every customer is different and they have different needs. In this case, their margins were getting squeezed so I went on the hunt for every opportunity to pull cost out of the business. I could see that the stakeholders in this account had way too much on their plates so I did my best to focus on what was most important to them and at the same time reduce their administrative burden.”

Armed with data and reports, he took the lead with his corporate level contact to arrange meetings with plant managers and other stakeholders at the locations that he serviced. He set up cost baselines and showed them how they could use his service to avoid expenses and reduce waste in their operations. He focused on win-win strategies that created value for his customer and his company. The word started getting out about Mitch ...

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