CHAPTER 4People Ops in Action

In this chapter, we'll show you what people ops looks like in action. We'll introduce a framework, called a maturity model, that helps evaluate your own progress in moving from human resources administration to people operations. And, we'll share some specific examples of companies who have successfully made the move.

You'll learn what each stage looks like, including the key strategies, key performance indicators (KPIs), opportunities, and risks. We'll step through each stage at a high level now. We'll carry this framework throughout the rest of the book as we go into more detail in Parts II and III. In the meantime, let's go!

Introducing the People Ops Maturity Model

The People Ops Maturity Model (see Figure 4.1) measures the extent to which an organization's people operations is driven by established and documented best practices, processes, standards, and metrics proven to drive business outcomes. Based on our work with more than 30,000 small and midsize businesses, The People Ops Maturity Model helps a company assess, develop, and refine their people programs. In short, it helps you look at yourself now and also assess how and where to improve your people operations.

Use the model to:

  • Create strategies proven to drive business alignment and success
  • Enable companies to self‐diagnose and assess their current state
  • Assess the gaps between current and desired future states
  • Provide a roadmap for achieving world‐class people operations
  • Develop ...

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