Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), 49

AMI. See Advanced metering infrastructure

Architecture for the IoE

data, 12

fog computing, 12–13

Internet protocol, 13–14

B2B. See Business-to-business

B2C. See Business-to-consumer

Business drivers, 21–22

Business-to-business (B2B), 32

Business-to-consumer (B2C), 32

Cloud service, 44

Cloud technologies, 78

Collaborative operations, 57–58

Data capture, 42, 44

Data manipulation, 42

Data transmission, 42, 44

Data workflow, 42

Discrete manufacturing, 47

DMS. See Document management system

Document management system (DMS), 398

Energy, 49

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, 56

ERP. See Enterprise resource planning systems

Extrinsic barriers, 26

Fog computing, 12–13

Health care, 48


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