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Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews

Book Description

Writing performance appraisals is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks managers face. Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews simplifies the job, providing a comprehensive collection of phrases that managers can use to describe employee performance, provide directions for improvement, and more. For example:

  • "Sets priorities well"

  • "Misses important deadlines"

  • "Thorough, reliable, and accurate"

All managers and HR professionals will value the book for its:

  • Hundreds of ready-to-use phrases, organized by job skill and performance level

  • Tips for documenting performance issues and conducting face-to-face reviews

  • Easily adapted performance review templates covering five performance levels

With the wide-ranging assortment of descriptions available in this book, managers will be able to find the perfect terms to help them analyze and understand the work performance of each person they work with.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Part One. Background for Conducting Performance Reviews
    1. How to Plan, Conduct, and Write a Performance Review
    2. Setting Performance Goals
    3. Documenting Critical Incidents and Significant Behaviors
    4. Common Performance Review Errors
    5. Legal Issues
    6. Conducting the Review
    7. Making the Session Go Smoothly
    8. How to Talk About Salary
    9. Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews
  7. Part Two. Examples of Forms for Performance Reviews
  8. Part Three. Perfect Phrases for Performance Appraisal
    1. Topics Listed Alphabetically
      1. Accuracy
      2. Administrative Skills
      3. Analytic Skills
      4. Appraisal and Evaluation Skills
      5. Attendance
      6. Attitude or Approach to Work
      7. Coaching
      8. Communication Skills, Verbal
      9. Communication Skills, Written
      10. Computer Skills
      11. Conflict Management
      12. Cooperation
      13. Cost Cutting
      14. Creativity
      15. Customer Relations
      16. Data Entry
      17. Deadlines, Ability to Meet
      18. Decision Making
      19. Dedication to Job/Work
      20. Delegation
      21. Dependability
      22. Development of Subordinates
      23. Equal Opportunity/Diversity
      24. Ethical Behavior
      25. Feedback, Receiving and Giving
      26. Financial Management
      27. Flexibility
      28. General Job Skills
      29. Goal Achievement
      30. Goal and Objective Setting
      31. Grooming and Appearance
      32. Initiative
      33. Interpersonal Skills
      34. Judgment
      35. Knowledge of Company Processes
      36. Knowledge of Job
      37. Leadership Skills
      38. Listening Skills
      39. Long-Range Planning
      40. Management Control
      41. Management Skills
      42. Managing Details
      43. Managing Expenses
      44. Mechanical Skills
      45. Multi-Tasking
      46. Negotiating Skills
      47. Organizing Skills
      48. Orientation to Work
      49. Participative Management
      50. Personal Growth
      51. Persuasiveness
      52. Phone Skills
      53. Physical Abilities
      54. Planning and Scheduling
      55. Political Skills
      56. Potential for Advancement
      57. Problem Solving
      58. Productivity
      59. Product Knowledge
      60. Professionalism
      61. Programming Skills
      62. Project Management
      63. Quality Management
      64. Quality of Work
      65. Quantity of Work
      66. Research Abilities
      67. Resource Use
      68. Safety
      69. Sales Ability
      70. Stress, Ability to Work Under
      71. Supervisory Skills
      72. Teamwork
      73. Technical Skills
      74. Time Management Skills
  9. Appendix A. Mistakes Managers Make When Conducting Performance Appraisals
  10. Appendix B. Seven Mistakes Employees Make During Performance Appraisals