Error/Fault Data for Switch Processors

Here, we'll look at switch information relating to fault management. We'll identify some key MIBs and show commands that relate to switch health.

MIB Variables for Switch and Module “Health” Status

From CISCO-STACK-MIB, the ModuleStatus variable provides the operational status of the module. If the status is not ok, the value of moduleTestResult gives more detailed information about the module's failure condition(s). The possible values seen in this MIB object are as follows:

  • other(1)—none of the following

  • ok(2)—status ok

  • minorFault(3)—minor problem

  • majorFault(4)—major problem

By polling this MIB, you can keep watch on the modules installed in the switch versus keeping track of every port on a switch. The latter ...

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