Chapter 4. Getting Started

With so many appraisal forms, techniques, and strat-egies at your command, you can easily become sidetracked and overlook the most important element in the entire performance evaluation process: you!

Researchers continue to find that, although it's obviously important for companies to select and implement performance appraisal systems that match their culture, style, and standards, the individual who conducts the evaluations is the key factor in determining the effectiveness of the system itself.


Think of your company's performance appraisal system as a car — in fact, think of it as a high-performance car. And think of yourself as the driver. If you're not driving the car or the appraisal process, neither will go very far.

Building Your Evaluation Mindset

Before you start looking at your employees, you need to look at yourself. In order to provide the most relevant, compelling, credible, and effective appraisals, you need a mindset that is fully supportive of the process. Managers who approach performance appraisal as a ritual, a chore, or an isolated event undercut their own effectiveness before they even start.

To have the right mindset, you need to:

  • See yourself as a leader.

  • Set positive expectations.

  • Overcome your own fear, reluctance, and resistance.

  • Gain self-awareness.

  • Empathize with ...

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