178 Performance by Design
The six books and the authors are:
Book One: Change, Choices, and Consequences: A Guide to
Mega Thinking and Planning. Roger Kaufman, Professor
Emeritus, Florida State University, Roger Kaufman & Associ-
ates, and Distinguished Research Professor, Sonora Institute
of Technology
Book Two: Defining What to Do and Why. Dale Brethower,
Professor Emeritus, Western Michigan University and
Research Professor, Sonora Institute of Technology
Book Three: Performance by Design. Ryan Watkins, Associ-
ate Professor, George Washington University, Senior Research
Associate, Roger Kaufman & Associates, and former NSF
Book Four: Achieving High Performance. Richard Gerson,
Ph.D., CPT, Gerson Goodson, Inc.
Book Five: Implementation and Management of Solutions.
Robert Carlton, Senior Partner, Vector Group
Book Six: Evaluating Impact: Evaluation and Continual
Improvement for Performance Improvement Practitioners.
Ingrid Guerra-López, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Wayne State
University and Associate Research Professor, Sonora Institute
of Technology as well as Research Associate, Roger Kaufman
& Associates
How This Series Relates to the Professional
Performance Improvement Standards
The following table identifies how each book relates to the 10 Stan-
dards of Performance Technology
[identified by numbers in paren-
theses ( ) pioneered by the International Society for Performance
Improvement (ISPI).
In the table on the following page, an “X” iden-
tifies coverage and linking, and “” indicates major focus].
This series, by design, goes beyond these standards by linking
everything an organization uses, does, produces, and delivers to
adding measurable value to external clients and society. This six
pack, then, builds on and then goes beyond the current useful crite-
ria and standards in the profession and adds the next dimensions of
About this Series 179
practical, appropriate, as well as ethical tools, methods, and guid-
ance of what is really required to add value to all of our clients as
well as to our shared society.
Focus on Results
Take a System Approach
Add Value
Needs Assessment
Performance Analysis
Design to Specification
Selection, Design, &
Evaluation & Continuous
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
Book 1
Book 2 X
Book 3 X X X
Book 4 X X X X
Book 5 X
Book 6
All of this will only be useful to the extent to which this
innovative practice becomes standard practice. We invite you to the
Roger Kaufman, Ph.D., CPT
Dale Brethower, Ph.D.
Richard Gerson, Ph.D., CPT

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