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Performance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Tips, techniques, and trends on harnessing dashboard technology to optimize business performance

In Performance Dashboards, Second Edition, author Wayne Eckerson explains what dashboards are, where they can be used, and why they are important to measuring and managing performance. As Director of Research for The Data Warehousing Institute, a worldwide association of business intelligence professionals, Eckerson interviewed dozens of organizations that have built various types of performance dashboards in different industries and lines of business. Their practical insights explore how you can effectively turbo-charge performance–management initiatives with dashboard technology.

  • Includes all-new case studies, industry research, news chapters on "Architecting Performance Dashboards" and "Launching and Managing the Project" and updated information on designing KPIs, designing dashboard displays, integrating dashboards, and types of dashboards.

  • Provides a solid foundation for understanding performance dashboards, business intelligence, and performance management

  • Addresses the next generation of performance dashboards, such as Mashboards and Visual Discovery tools, and including new techniques for designing dashboards and developing key performance indicators

  • Offers guidance on how to incorporate predictive analytics, what-if modeling, collaboration, and advanced visualization techniques

This updated book, which is 75% rewritten, provides a foundation for understanding performance dashboards, business intelligence, and performance management to optimize performance and accelerate results.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Foreword
  5. Preface to the Second Edition
    1. New and Different
    2. Sections in the Book
    3. Acknowledgments
  6. Preface to the First Edition
    1. A Path to Pursue
    2. Who Should Read This Book
  7. PART I - The Landscape for Performance Dashboards
    1. CHAPTER 1 - What Are Performance Dashboards?
      1. The Context for Performance Dashboards
      2. Composition of Performance Dashboards
      3. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 2 - The Context for Performance Dashboards
      1. Business Performance Management
      2. Business Intelligence
      3. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 3 - Assessing Your Organizational Readiness
      1. A Clearly Defined Strategy
      2. Strong, Committed Sponsorship
      3. A Clear and Urgent Need
      4. Support of Mid-level Managers
      5. Appropriate Scale and Scope
      6. A Strong Team and Available Resources
      7. A Culture of Measurement
      8. Alignment between Business and Information Technology
      9. Trustworthy and Available Data
      10. A Solid Technical Infrastructure
      11. Summary
    4. CHAPTER 4 - Assessing Your Technical Readiness
      1. Business Intelligence Maturity Model
      2. Five Stages
      3. Maturity Dynamics
      4. Summary
      5. Note
    5. CHAPTER 5 - How to Align Business and IT
      1. Pitched Battles
      2. Alignment Tactics
      3. Summary
  8. PART II - Performance Dashboards in Action
    1. CHAPTER 6 - Types of Performance Dashboards
      1. Overview
      2. Dashboards in Depth
      3. Operational Dashboards
      4. Tactical Dashboards
      5. Strategic Dashboards
      6. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 7 - Operational Dashboards in Action
      1. Overview
      2. 1-800 CONTACTS
      3. Richmond Police Department
      4. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 8 - Tactical Dashboards in Action
      1. Overview
      2. Arizona State University
      3. Rohm and Haas
      4. Summary
    4. CHAPTER 9 - Strategic Dashboards in Action
      1. Overview
      2. Cisco: A Metrics-driven Organization
      3. Kingdom of Bahrain
      4. Summary
  9. PART III - Critical Success Factors: Tips from the Trenches
    1. CHAPTER 10 - How to Launch, Manage, and Sustain the Project
      1. Sell the Project
      2. Manage the Project
      3. Sustain the Project
      4. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 11 - How to Create Effective Performance Metrics
      1. Understanding Metrics
      2. Characteristics of Effective Performance Metrics
      3. Designing Effective Metrics
      4. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 12 - How to Design Effective Dashboard Displays
      1. Overview
      2. Before You Start
      3. Guidelines for Creating Displays
      4. Guidelines for Designing Charts
      5. Summary
      6. Notes
    4. CHAPTER 13 - How to Architect a Performance Dashboard
      1. Display Architectures
      2. Data Architectures
      3. Types of Architectures
      4. Summary
    5. CHAPTER 14 - How to Deploy and Integrate Dashboards
      1. Where to Start and Finish?
      2. Centralized Approach
      3. Distributed Approach
      4. Cascading Metrics
      5. Summary
    6. CHAPTER 15 - How to Ensure Adoption and Drive Positive Change
      1. Strategies to Ensure Adoption
      2. Optimizing Performance through Metrics
      3. Summary
      4. Notes
  10. Index