Chapter 4

Anticipating and Minimizing Negative Consequences


Bullet Anticipating damage caused by flawed performance management

Bullet Learning from flawed performance ratings

Bullet Anticipating problems caused by the elimination of performance ratings

Bullet Setting up an appeals process and communication plan

Few organizations use their existing performance management systems in effective ways. And you already know that performance management isn’t living up to its promise in terms of turning human capital into a source of competitive advantage. There is big disconnect between what performance management is supposed to do in terms of turning human capital into an organization’s source of competitive advantage and what it actually does in most organizations.

Performance management is usually vilified as an “HR department requirement.” In many organizations, performance management means that managers must comply with their HR department’s request and fill out tedious, and often useless, evaluation forms. These evaluation forms are often completed only because it is required by the “HR cops.” ...

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