Chapter 5

Delivering Strategic Business Results


Bullet Linking performance management with your strategic plan

Bullet Conducting an external and internal analysis

Bullet Creating and understanding your organization’s mission and vision

Bullet Linking your organization’s and unit’s strategic plans with job descriptions

Performance management systems receive crucial top management support when the system makes clear contributions to the organizational and unit priorities. Without this support, a performance management system may not even get off the ground. Also, for performance management to be successful, if needs to deliver strategic value for the organization. In other words, performance management needs to help the organization reach its strategic objectives.

How, then, are these strategic organizational objectives identified? How does an organization know what the “target” should be, what it is trying to accomplish, and how to do it?

The HR function plays a key role as a strategic partner in helping to answer these questions. The HR function is often vilified as being merely operational ...

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