Chapter 10

Using Performance Management Analytics


Bullet Including critical components and characteristics in effective performance appraisal forms

Bullet Computing an employee’s overall performance score

Bullet Collecting performance data

Performance management cannot exist without performance analytics. What is this, exactly? It's the collection of performance data, usually in the form of performance ratings. And performance ratings are collected from all relevant performance touchpoints, which include supervisors, peers, direct reports, self, and customers, as well as employee performance monitoring systems that are involved in collecting Big Data (that is, lots of data about what employees do and produce on an ongoing basis).

But what type of data should you collect from each performance touchpoint? How should you use electronic performance monitoring effectively? How can you collect performance data that are fair and accurate? How can you make sure raters don’t intentionally distort their evaluations? This chapter deals with these questions and many other issues about performance analytics, including how to collect performance data and from what sources.

The Jury Is Out: All ...

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