Chapter 12

Creating and Implementing Personal Development Plans


Bullet Creating personal development plans

Bullet Facilitating employee development

Bullet Using multisource feedback systems in development plans

Employee development is a key result of state-of-the-science performance management systems. For employee development to be successful, it has to be a joint activity entered into by both the employee and the manager.

This chapter addresses how to use a performance management system to help you develop and improve your own performance and that of others. To do so, the first step is to create a personal development plan.

Creating Personal Development Plans

Personal development plans specify courses of action you can take to improve your performance. Also, achieving the goals stated in the development plan allows you to keep abreast of changes in your profession. Such plans highlight your strengths and the areas in need of development, and they include actions to improve in areas of weaknesses and further develop areas in which you are already strong.

Using development plans to answer four key career questions

To be most useful, personal development needs to answer the following ...

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