Chapter 10. Measuring and Optimizing Display Advertising


  • Display and Rich Media Advertising Basics

  • Understanding Display Ad Tracking with Google Analytics

  • Setting Up Your Ads for Tracking

  • Analyzing Display Ad Performance

  • Troubleshooting Common Display Ad Tracking Problems

Online advertising includes banner, rich media, and other forms of visual online ads. Display ads are one of the oldest forms of online advertising and certainly the most famous — and perhaps infamous. The early Internet was flooded with banner ads, pop-up ads, pop-under ads, and the like. You may remember annoying ads with bright flashing banners or "punch the monkey" ads glaring across the Internet and your Web-based e-mail inbox in 1997.

Today, display advertising is still a prolific form of online marketing. However, in the age of a search-driven Internet and the application of performance marketing, traditional display ad paradigms must be rethought. Traditional display advertising metrics have focused on impressions as a primary means of gauging value and performance. This has been partly due to the means through which display ads were, and largely still are, purchased: a fashion similar to traditional offline media where media planners select sites intending to reach a certain demographic, then negotiate the purchase of a certain number of impressions, bought by the thousand impressions (or CPM).

This model of purchasing makes true performance marketing difficult, because taking action on what can ...

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