70 Performance Tuning for Content Manager
2.3.2 TSM architecture
TSM is implemented as a client/server software application, consisting of a
server software component, backup/archive client, storage agent, and other
complementary Tivoli and vendor software products. Figure 2-11 shows the main
components of Tivoli Storage Manager.
Figure 2-11 Tivoli Storage Manager architecture
The TSM server provides a secure environment, including automation, reporting,
and monitoring functions, for the storage of client data. It also provides storage
management policies and maintains all object inventory information.
The TSM client software and complementary products implement data
management functions such as data backup and recovery, archival and
hierarchical storage management, and disaster recovery.
The client software can run on different systems, including laptop computers,
PCs, workstations, and server systems. The client and server software can also
be installed on the same system for a local backup solution. The storage agent
software in conjunction with the server software enables the implementation of
LAN-free backup solutions exploiting the SAN infrastructure. It is also possible to
define server hierarchies or multiple peer-to-peer servers in order to provide a
multi-layer storage management solution or an electronic vaulting solution.
Chapter 2. Content Manager base products 71
TSM server
One of the principal architectural components of the TSM server is its built-in
relational database. The TSM database was designed especially for the task of
managing data, and it implements zero-touch administration. All policy
information, logging, authentication and security, media management, and object
inventory is managed through this database. Most of the fields are externalized
through the TSM high-level administration commands, SQL SELECT statements,
or for reporting purposes, by using an ODBC driver. This database is fully
protected with software mirroring, roll-forward capability, and with its own
management and online backup and restore functions.
For storing the managed data, the TSM server uses a storage repository. The
storage repository can be implemented using any combination of supported
media including magnetic and optical disk, tape, and robotic storage devices,
which are locally connected to the server system or are accessible through a
SAN. To exploit SAN technology, the TSM server has features implemented to
dynamically share SAN-connected automated tape library systems among
multiple TSM servers.
The TSM server provides built-in device drivers for more than 300 different
device types from every major manufacturer. It can utilize operating system
device drivers and external library manager software.
Within the storage repository, the devices can operate stand-alone or can be
linked to form one or more storage hierarchies. The storage hierarchy is not
limited in the number of levels and can span over multiple servers using so-called
virtual volumes.
Backup and archive client
Data is sent to the TSM server using the TSM backup/archive client and
complementary Tivoli and non-Tivoli products. These products work with the
TSM server base product to ensure that the data you need to store is managed
as defined.The TSM backup and archive client, included with the server, provides
the operational backup and archival function. The client implements the patented
progressive backup methodology, adaptive sub-file backup technology, and
unique record-retention methods.
The backup and archive clients are implemented as multi-session clients, which
means that they can exploit the multi-threading capabilities of modern operating
systems. This enables the running of backup and archive operations in parallel to
maximize the throughput to the server system.
Depending on the client platform, the backup and archive client may provide a
graphical, command line, or Web user interface. Many platforms provide all three
interfaces. The command line interface is useful for experienced users and

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