152 Performance Tuning for Content Manager
7.1 Introduction
Tuning a Content Manager system involves tuning the operating system. Most of
the tasks performed by Content Manager depend directly on the operating
system functionalities and capabilities. It is very important to include operating
system tuning, preferably before the system goes into production.
7.2 Tuning AIX operating system
Certain configuration changes can be made to increase performance of a
Content Manager system running on an AIX platform. This section covers the
changes you can make to the OS to maximize your system performance:
Adjust maximum number of PROCESSES allowed per user.
Use JFS2 and EJFS for logical volumes and file systems.
Check the default values in ulimit.
Configure disk I/O for effective usage.
Tuning the network improves Content Manager system performance. In this
section, we also cover the changes you can make to the network to maximize
your system performance:
Set all machines to full duplex.
Set MTU size to the maximum supported by LAN.
7.2.1 Adjust maximum number of PROCESSES allowed per user
Increase the allowable number of processes by user from 1024 to a higher value
depending on how many users will be connected to your system. It is important
to update this value due to the large number of processes created on the
database instance owners.
Attention: Most of the material covered in this chapter is extracted from the
following publications, written by the Content Manager Performance Team:
IBM DB2 Content Manager V8.3 Performance Tuning Guide
Performance Tuning Guide for Content Manager V8.3 on Linux (x86)
Attention: For more information about AIX performance tools and tuning,
refer to AIX 5L Practical Performance Tools and Tuning Guide, SG24-6476.

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