Interior Sequences

In addition to the paragraph tags, pod has a set of tags that apply within text, either in a paragraph or a command. These interior sequences are:





B< text >


Makes text bold, usually for switches and programs


C< code >


Literal code


E< escape >


Named character:



Literal >



Literal <


E< html >

Non-numeric HTML entity


E< n >

Character number n, usually an ASCII character


F< file >




I< text >


Italicize text, usually for emphasis or variables


L< name >


Link (cross-reference) to name:


L< name >



L< name / ident >

Item in a manpage


L< name /" sec ">

Section in another manpage


L<" sec ">

Section in this manpage; quotes are optional


L</" sec ">

Same as L<" sec ">


S< text >


text has non-breaking spaces


X< index >


Index entry




Zero-width character


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