Chapter 17. Arithmetic Functions

abs expr

Returns the absolute value of its operand.

atan2 y, x

Returns the arctangent of y/x in the range to .

cos expr

Returns the cosine of expr (expressed in radians).

exp expr

Returns e to the power of expr.

int expr

Returns the integer portion of expr.

log expr

Returns the natural logarithm (base e) of expr.

not expr

Logically negates the truth value of expr.

rand [ expr ]

Returns a random fractional number between 0 (inclusive) and the value of expr (exclusive). If expr is omitted, it defaults to 1.

sin expr

Returns the sine of expr (expressed in radians).

sqrt expr

Returns the square root of expr.

srand [ expr ]

Sets the random number seed for the rand operator.


Returns the number of non-leap seconds since whatever time the system considers to be the epoch. Suitable for feeding to gmtime and localtime.

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