The Author Team

Behind any technical book are the reviewers who greatly increase its quality. This book is no exception. We would like to thank Eberhard Wolff, Jens Coldewey, Scott Ambler, Keys Botzum, and Brandon Smith, who reviewed one or more chapters. In addition, we would like to thank several others who helped provide details or answers to specific questions about the technologies that we evaluated. We would like to give a huge thank-you to these people: Kevin Sutter, Tom Alcott, Steve Brodsky, Timo Salo, Jim Knutson, Randy Schnier, Daniel Lee, Jack Woodson, Gang Chen, Billy Newport, Steve Ims, the Hibernate Development Team, and again, Keys Botzum, Brandon Smith, Scott Ambler, and Eberhard Woolf. Finally, we would like to ...

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