Chapter 3

Case Studies in Personal Branding Success

In This Chapter

arrow Emulating media and business moguls

arrow Seeing how sports stars and entertainers can brand themselves

arrow Putting politicians and other public figures in the spotlight

arrow Eyeing the branding efforts of executives

arrow Heeding lessons from broken personal brands

You can easily see the power of a personal brand by considering public figures who have created and maintained (or destroyed) their own personal brands.

To drive home the power of a personal brand, this chapter offers examples of people who have used branding tools with maximum success. Each short case study shows how that person used his talents and passions to become known for something special and to build a distinct personal brand. I discuss people from various walks of life to show how a personal brand can look through the lens of a chosen career path. Though each person I discuss here has a unique story, almost all of them have stayed true to their core values, which ...

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