Chapter 13

Your Visual Identity: Making Your Mark on Your Brand Environment

In This Chapter

arrow Writing your design goals

arrow Designing an on-brand logo

arrow Looking for fonts and colors that represent you

arrow Setting the look of your brand environment

In Chapter 12, I share lots of ideas about why your physical appearance matters and how to make sure that your appearance communicates your brand. In this chapter, I also focus on appearance — this time illustrating how to get the rest of your brand environment (your printed and online marketing materials, as well as your work space) to visually represent your brand.

I give all this attention to appearance not because I’m shallow (or because I have a grudge against ears, noses, tongues, or fingers), but because people make so many consumer decisions based on what they see. You can’t smell a website, and you can’t hear a brochure. But you certainly can see colors, fonts, and images that either attract or repel you.

If you want your personal brand to soar, you need to figure out what visual elements attract your target audience and use those elements ...

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