Chapter 20

Ten Things You Can Do to Continue to Build Your Brand

In This Chapter

arrow Staying current to stay relevant

arrow Promising value with your brand

arrow Making your personal brand a Confidence Emitter

Building and maintaining your personal brand requires constant attention. You spend the most effort up front in the branding process, but in order to have an effective brand, it needs to evolve with you. In this chapter, I offer ten suggestions for ways to keep your brand moving forward.

Implementing Your Personal Brand Strategy Plan

Your personal brand strategy builds longevity into your brand. Setting a strategy means you are committed to your personal brand for the long haul. You create a personal strategic plan that accurately reflects who you are and what you can do. Setting the strategy is like setting any good set of goals: You first want to think about the big picture of what you hope to accomplish in communicating with your target audience.

Your big-picture vision helps you set an overall goal that is then best accomplished by filling in your plan with implementation details — the steps that will carry you toward your goal. By including details about the activities you want to use ...

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